ECK Development Trust

When funds were being raised for Modern Auditorium, most of the Indian donors wanted to have the facility to deduct the donation under section 80G. For several years, the JNTU Vice Chancellor’s application was pending and there was no success. Even after the JNTUK was formed, alumni waited for JNTUK to apply and get the approval. When even this was not happening, the alumni needed another organization to provide the 80G facility.

Several Alumni decided to register a Trust in the name “ECK Development Trust”. The trust was duly registered on 25th March, 2010. The trust applied and obtained the facility of 80G exemption for the donors to the ECK development Trust.

In consultation with Dr. Allam Appa Rao, Vice-Chancellor of JNTUK, a plan was developed to construct a modern Indoor Stadium with the donations from the Alumni.

ECK Development Trust promised to raise Rs. 2.70 Crores and the JNTUK agreed to provide Rs. 1.05 Crores. With a project outlay of Rs. 3.75 Crores, work started in earnest in 2010. Many donors contributed large amounts of money and the University agreed to recognize them with naming of the Indoor Stadium and inside facilities. Major donors are:

S. No. Name Batch & Branch Ammount  
1 Sri Yalamanchili Ramachandra Rao, USA 1969 Mech Rs. 35,00,000 Yalamanchili Ramachandra Rao Building
2 Dr. JS Rao, Bangaluru, India 1963 Mech Rs. 25,00,000 Jammi Chikka Rao Auditorium
3 Batch of 1978 – 82 1982 Rs. 25,00,000 Spectator Gallery
4 Kakinada Seaports Ltd.   Rs. 20,00,000 Indoor Courts
5 Dr. Pandu Tadikamalla 1969 Mech Rs. 10,00,000 Cafeteria
6 ECOSAK   Rs. 10,00,000 Indoor Games Room
7 Sri Bhaskara Rao Mutyala 1961 Mech Rs. 5,00,000 Director Office
8 Sri Chandra Turaga 1969 ECE Rs. 5,00,000 Admin Office
9 Astra Microwave   Rs. 5,00,000 Dormitory

All donors who contributed Rs. 10,000 or more are recognized with their names in the Donors List displayed in the Stadium.

The Executive Committee for 2014 & 2015:

1 Managing Trustees Sri A.G.K. Rao
2 Managing Trustees Sri Chandra Turaga
3 Trustees Sri Kishore Yallamanchili
4 Trustees Sri Raja S.K. Adapa
5 Trustees Dr. Chitten Raju Vanguri
6 Trustees Sri Bhaskara Rao Mutyala
7 Trustees Sri P. Surya Prakash
8 Trustees Sri A. Srirama Rao
9 Trustees Sri Dr. J.S. Rao
10 Trustees Sri Dr. K. Padma Raju, Principal, UCEK (ex-officio)
11 Trustees Sri Dr. P Subba Rao, Vice-Principal, UCEK (ex-officio)
12 Trustees Sri CK Murthy, President, Hyderabad Chapter (ex-officio)
12 Trustees Sri Col. G. Ravi Kumar, Secretary, Hyderabad Chapter (ex-officio)