Managing Director CTO & e4e India Founder

Dr. Sridhar Mita, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of e4e in India brings extraordinary technological and strategic depth to e4e. His ability to see the big picture and to help others identify and understand strategic issues, is at the heart of his own success, and key to the success of those he assists.

For over 30 years, Sridhar has been an internationally recognized expert in the founder and CEO of Santa Clara, California based EnThink Inc. an intellectual property design and licensing start-up for semiconductor building blocks for Internet Appliances. He was involved with Wipro limited since its inception on 1980 and played a key role in Wipro achieving technology leardership. As its Chief Technology Officers and the head of Wipro's Global R&D he spearheaded strategies which transformed the captive business unit into a profit center. He pioneered global delivery of outsourced product development services to technology majors such as Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, and Sun MicroSystems.

Wipro became the highest valued company in India during his tenure. Sridhar began his career with Electronics Corporation of India , Ltd., where he was responsible for the development of computer system for defense and space applications. He is also President of the IndUs Entrepreneurs(TiE), Bangalore Chapter and several oards of companies located in the United States and India
Sridhar holds a Phd and MS from Oklahoma state University; an MS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharahpur; and an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from Andhra University, India .He is a senior member of IEEE and Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering.